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The Name Game - Spell Your Name With Video Games

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So @Atari Creep challenged me to do the name game. This is where you take your name (Like your first name, YouTube name or forum name) and for each letter, come up with a game title. It can be your favorite games, least favorite or games you happen to own. 

So if your name was Bob, you could do this:

B - Bomb Squad (Intellivision)

O - Out of This World (3DO)

B - Basketball (Atari 2600)

Here's my video where I spell out my YouTube name using video games:


Now I challenge you to do the same! You can simply type it out, or even make a video.

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I posted this on the AtariCreep’s discord after I saw his video, but I will also post it here. I did my name with all 2600 games I owned the first time around when I owned the 2600 brand new in the early 80’s. I did both my real name and my name on here.

R-Raiders of the Los Ark.                     J-Joust

O-Outlaw.                                                I-Ice Hockey

C-Carnival.                                              M-M*A*S*H

K-kaboom!                                              M-Mountain King

E-E.T. the Extra-terrestrial.                   Y-Yar’s Revenge


This was fun looking at and everyone of the games was a favorite growing up. I am so glad I did not have to choose games that were not really my favorites. It was a good representation of the type of games I love to this day.

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Ha, I think that's the first time I've heard your voice, Harry 🙂 You sound just as I had imagined.

The games I picked run the gamut of systems and are all favorites of mine. They represent the letters Y-O-U-N-G.



Passing the baton to @RickR -- spell out your full first name, Rick, so we have more than four games, or... spell out your last name 🙂 It deserves its time in the spotlight since it's always only shown as a single letter.



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I'm gonna be honest...I very much dislike the "nominate" things.  But since you included one of my all-time favorite games "One on One" (in the EA record-style box no less), I will comply. 

Here you go.  The "C" game actually came from @socrates63 as an extra in a trade.  It's the tape version!  So cool.  Thank you for that.

And I nominate whoever wants to go next. 

-Grouchy Gus. 


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I've made two "banners" of box art for my real name and my forum name.  Most of my boxes are in storage, so looking for them would have been a PITA.  😁

E - Enduro - Atari 2600
U - Up’N Down - Atari 5200
G - Gravitar - Atari 2600
E - Evolution Dino Dudes - Atari Jaguar
N - Ninja Golf - Atari 7800
I - Ikari Warriors - Atari 7800
O - Omega Race - Atari 2600



T - Tempest 2000 - Atari Jaguar
R - River Raid - Atari 5200
E - Escape from the Mindmaster - Atari 2600
K - Kangaroo -Atari 5200
M - Ms Pac-Man - Atari 7800
D - Decathlon - Atari 5200



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