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Atari VCS Friends Tab


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Did you know that Atari VCS now features a "Friends Tab" where you can add and message your friends?   You can also view what your friends have played recently and are playing the most.  The feature is still evolving but expect it to come into play for leaderboards and online multiplayer. 

Share your friend profile name below with other Club members to build your friends list, compete and hang out!

You can find me there: SABERTOOTH6124

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Of course, I am JustClaws on the VCS friend list too. (I don't remember the digits.)
(You do not need to type the full name on the VCS, just type part of it and the matches will show.)

Cheers, Richard/Justclaws.

Warning: forums do contain nuts. If at risk, avoid contacts. I don't work for a games company. I'm just a video-gaming fan.
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On 3/15/2023 at 9:23 AM, Mockduck said:

Mockduck883 is my friend name! I have to admit, though, that populating the Recharged Friends leaderboard is about all it is good for other than theoretical text messaging. Texting isn't the easiest, though, so kind of not something I'm likely to do much.

It appears the friend setup is similar to that of Antstream Arcade, though you cannot even send DMs there.


I'll (finally) get to sending requests this week.

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