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Squad Challenge - Vanguard (Atari 2600)


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Atari 2600
Difficulty Level: NONE
Play on: Real Hardware / Dedicated Console / Emulation OK! ✔
Squad Challenge ends 11:59 pm PST June 30, 2023
Nominated by @greenween




Play for the highest possible score using the difficulty settings defined in the challenge. Post a photo or YouTube video of your score in this thread. Scores must be achieved between June 1st through June 30th, 2023. Screen captures are not allowed as they are more easily manipulated for falsified scores. Multiple submissions are permitted. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is the victor!



Anyone can join in. All players are welcome!


Play Rules

Games may be played on real hardware, Flashback / Mini console, officially released compilation, or emulation, using any controller or keyboard, following all rules and game settings defined in the challenge. Choosing between real hardware or emulation, and choosing which controller to play on is part of formulating your strategy. Enhancements, rewinds, updated and hacked versions of this game are not allowed.


Difficulty Level

There are no difficulty levels to select from in Vanguard. Difficulty Switches control the way the spaceship fires, and may be configured to Player's Choice. Please refer to Page 9 of the Vanguard Instruction Manual for more information on using Difficulty Switches to confute the way your spaceship fires. All configurations are acceptable for this Squad Challenge.


Fair Play

Your integrity is everything. Players should play fairly, be honest, and have fun! Falsified scores will result in your immediate removal from the site. It goes without saying that we will not allow cheats, hacks, cartridge frying, enhancements, rewinds, deceitful photo manipulation, subterfuge, or any other dishonest advantage. Everybody hates a cheater.



To review detailed rules on how to play, please visit the High Score Squad page here: 




Welcome to our 146th Squad Challenge! This month we're playing Vanguard for the Atari 2600! Special thanks to longtime Atari I/O "Mayor" @greenween for nominating this incredible game! ROM and PDF Instruction Booklet is attached below. Good luck!






Vanguard.pdf Vanguard.bin

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30 minutes ago, Atari 5200 Guy said:

I forget just how more unforgiving this version is compared to the 5200 version.  It's amazing how much more difficult Atari made this one.

You're right!  I didn't realize this until you said it.  I remember breezing through at least one level on the 5200.  But I have yet to see the Gond on this version.  I'll keep trying.

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