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Post Your Pictures - Intellivsion Collections


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Speaking of Intellivision, is it true what I've heard that the System Changer won't work on INTV 1 without a modification to the board?


It's true.

From the INTV Funhouse FAQ:

If you happened to own an original Intellivision, sending in your Master Component and $19.95 would get you a ROM upgrade that was required for this unit to work with the older equipment.

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Just realized I hadn't actually posted any photos from my Intelly collection here. I haven't taken any recent ones in about 2 years, but at least these pics are still pretty representative of the games I have at least. Only things added you don't see in these pics are my LTO flash I've got now a few other loose carts like Backgammon I picked up about a month ago, and my copy of Sydney Hunter. 


Here is a pic of my boxed CIB Intelly games here. They are in the middle in this pic. There are few others as well on the next shelf down to the far left that are obscured by the Genesis shelf but you get the idea...






Here is my loose intellivision games. They are in the lower right of this pic. If you look closely you can just make out my cib DINER there. 





This is really the only pic I have of my Intelly consoles. The Sears unit is av modded and has a normal 2609 main board in it as the original board was bad. Also not shown in this pic is that I added an amber colored power LED indicator to my Sears model. Besides that one, I also have a Tandyvision One, Intv III, and Intellivision II systems. Really...REALLY want the GTE/Sylvania model though to complete the console collection side of it.




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On 12/23/2018 at 11:47 AM, kamakazi20012 said:

Nice, Creep!  You got a machine, too!

Ya, I found it on Offer Up a day or 2 after my SS gift. It had been listed for $40 but I made an offer and he accepted it. Its very clean and the picture is great. So excited to explore this console for real this time.  

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Here's pics of my Intellivision stuff...  Got all of this from a coworker.  It was literally one of those, "Look what I found in my mom's attic" kind of deals.  He tried selling it all to a local game store, but didn't like their offer then he came to me.  I told him he should have come to me first.  lol  I offered him $50 and he accepted.  Then I found out that I could only get $40 out as cash at the register, so I told him I'd owe him the other 10 and he said not to worry about it.  The $40 was already over twice what the game store offered him.  😃


(Sorry the pics aren't that great... need to take updated ones.  These are on my old apartment's kitchen floor and the dark color tile wasn't a good choice for a background.)



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I mean, it may serve some other purpose, but I didn't think about it until earlier this week when I was putting a game in and realised I could grab it with my fingers and use it as leverage to push the cart into the slot.  I usually had my left hand on the left side of the console and pushing the cart in with my right hand.  This changes everything!  lol

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I can not believe I forgot to post these. My buddy ColecoJoe hooked me up with these back in March. I have a few more on their way, I will post them with updated collection numbers!



And 👇 these 👇 fron the almighty @nosweargamer also in March.



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