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The nosweargamer is a Youtube legend & a stalwart here at Atari.IO.


He usually has a great selection of games for sale or trade. Many of these games are featured in his video reviews.


I purchased a sweet CIB version of Secret Quest (2600) from him.

We've also made a couple of trades.


I sent him Rygar (NES) for a CIB version of Vanguard (2600).


He also sent me Stargate (2600) in exchange for Wolverine (NES) & Fist of the North Star (NES).

NSG is a great member here & a fantastic trade partner! 

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nosweargamer is one of the most well-respected denizens of Atari.IO and for good reasons -- he posts quality reviews, is a great person to do business with, and contributes a lot to the community here in general.  I got my start with 7800 collecting thanks to him; he gave me a nice jump start on it by including a few games with the console itself that he traded to me.  NSG was also the one to help me complete my 2600 Activision collection -- we put together a great trade for his copy of Beamrider, the last game I needed.


I was a little sad to see my Robin Hood / Sir Lancelot cartridge go (as part of the trade for the 7800), but I couldn't be happier that it ended up with him, and the trade worked out perfectly!  I'm definitely looking forward to his review(s) of that double-ender...  ^_^

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Just completed my first trade with No Swear Gamer. FANTASTIC!! I ordered three games for Atari 2600 from him: Battlezone, Kangaroo, and Pole Position. All games are MIB and as pictured in the listing. Items were well packed and promptly shipped. Even though No Swear Gamer is under the weather this week he managed to get everything out on time.


NSG has been a member in the forums since almost the very beginning and has a stellar reputation here. He even included a bonus game, brand new and minty fresh, to be given away as a prize when Wednesday Night Atari Chat comes back. I would've expected nothing less from him.


Will trade with again!!!  :thumb:  :thumb: 

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