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3 hours ago, Atari Creep said:


I’ve enjoyed watching the Deep Dives, though I think it’s still early to be making these. Every video this early on in development opens them up to the proverbial "anal exam" and invites in more questions and criticism. When the games are ready they can show them off nationally.

Can you pass along a constructive suggestion to the Amico team? I hope there is an option for the player to turn off sound effects in the game. I love Missile Command - but watching them play it in the video makes me want to mute the TV. The air raid alarms going off are constant - and sound exactly like the iPhone alarm we wake up to. It’s horridly annoying. Makes me want to throw the controller at the TV. Also pointless as we know missiles are raining down on us in Missile Command, it’s a given. I’d like the option to play the game without the constant alarms going off.

Positive point: I enjoyed the Deep Dive video on Shark! Shark! That was a good video and made the game look like a fun time with the family. It made me interested in learning more.

Thank you for the shout out to Atari I/O, we appreciate you as always!

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