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I'll post pics later, but I managed to snag a text label copy of Indy 500 and two driving controllers from Disc Traders last night for 7 bucks! I've been looking for a set for 10 bucks or under, but the going rate on eBay seems to be 20 dollars or so. I had this game as a kid and I loved it! Very happy to have it back in my collection.


Also got a copy of Venture for Intellivision for 2 bucks! 


Edit: Pics as promised!



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GREAT deals right there.

They have another one at their other store where I got the driving controllers, boxed Intellivoice with loose copies and overlays of B17, Bomb Squad, and Space Spartans for 25. Almost went for that one but I'm glad I didn't. I've got overlays from my Flashback I can use so I'm set there, and I'm not a boxed collector so that wasn't a big deal. I'm sure I'll snag a copy of Space Spartans at some point for cheap.

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Interesting thing... I tried running the 32x with the Genesis it was bundled with, and I couldn’t get it to work. The games would start to load, then glitch with some horizontal bars in the video and a buzzing sound. I tried it with my newer model 1 Genesis (mine doesn’t have the High Definition Graphics written at the top of the console), and it worked like a charm! I need to do further testing of that model 1 to make sure it doesn’t have deeper issues.


Finally have a 32x in my collection, along with a spare model 1 Genesis! Now I just need some 32x games... I have a copy of Star Wars Arcade on the way, and I’ll probably snag some others over the coming months.



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