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StormSurge’s Extra Life 2020


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I’m back!!!

Last year, Atari.IO was an integral part of helping me raise nearly $1,600 for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. 

This year, I’ll be raising money for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, MD. You can read more as to why I chose that hospital on my fundraising page. 

If you recall, I offered some interesting prizes to help encourage donations & it worked! (Last years thread: 2019 Extra Life)

While I can’t promise anything as interesting as last year’s offerings, I will do my best to come up with some cool stuff.  I’ll add to this thread as I acquire items.

The process will work the same. Every $5 donated will equal one entry into the giveaway. The more entries you have, the better chance you have of winning. I’ll throw all of the entries into a random draw (which I will stream live & record) and select a draft order. Whoever has the first pick can choose whatever they’d like from the list. Second on the list can choose from the remaining prizes and so on until everything is gone.

The giveaway & prizes will be limited to members of Atari.IO & the 2600 Game by Game Discord channel only, not to all of my donors (assuming that’s okay with both @Justin& @fergojisan ) PLEASE let me know either on this thread or via PM if you donated so I can include you.

I will make sure that there is a prize for everyone who participates.

I’m splitting up my 24 hours over two days (at least) this year (way too busy with work) & I will once again attempt to stream the proceedings. 

Game Days will be November 6 & 7 but I will classify as the dates approach.

Here’s the link to my fundraising page: StormSurge Extra Life 2020


What is Extra Life??

It's a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $70 million for sick & injured kids. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Thank you so much @socrates63! You pushed me past the 50% mark of my goal! I might have to increase that. 😀

There will be many more prizes announced as we go. Again, everyone who donates will win something, so hopefully I have to buy lots of prizes!

I'm also working on stepping up my streaming presentation this year. I'm going to start testing overlays & such during my nightly sessions with my usual crew.

If you don't mind lots of cursing, random chatter & lots of in-game whining, check it out nearly every night from 9 PM EST until around 11 PM.


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I realize that this year has been difficult for everyone, some more than others. I totally understand if you’re not able to make a financial contribution. (Although even $5 will get you entered for a prize! 😀)

 How does this sound? If you’re unable to make a financial contribution, but you share the info with friends & family via email, social media, carrier pigeon, whatever and someone who makes a donation thanks to your efforts, that donation will earn you entries into the giveaway. 

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2 minutes ago, RickR said:

I donated! 

Dumb question:  For employer match, who should I list as the charity?  Extra Life, Children's Miracle Network, or Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Thanks for doing this, it's such a  great cause. 


I think Extra Life would be sufficient but let me investigate. 

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I think I'm going to move my gaming dates from November 6 & 7 (the 7th is the "official" day) back a week to November 13 & 14. A little Friday the 13th mini-marathon! (Hi @Atari Creep!)

Last year on the official gameday, Extra Life suffered from a DDOS attack & couldn't accept donations all day. If I push it back a week, that may help avoid that.

In addition, I should (assuming Amazon comes through with my pre-order) have my Series X to play games on, as it releases on November 10th. 

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I'm up to $775 already! Thank you all! Hopefully I'll have to increase my goal before the event!

Here's the current list of people entered into the giveaway & announced prizes to date. (I'm awaiting for more prizes to arrive before sharing those.)

1. socrates63
2. RickR
3. nosweargamer
4. TrekMD
5. AtariCreep


1. Pac Man Ghost Light
2. Pac Man Ghost Light
3. Set of Arcade Prints
4. Retro gaming puzzle
5. $25 Atari Age gift card
6. TBA
7. TBA
8. TBA
9. TBA
10. TBA

Last year I had some books (Art of Atari) and some gaming Funko Pops. Are those of interest to anyone?

I'm up for any other ideas you may have! Let me know what you'd like to win! I'm trying to be creative & not do Amazon gift cards, etc. but if that's what the people want, that's what the people shall have!

Every $5 donated is an entry into the giveaway.

I appreciate all of the support greatly!!

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