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Atari Touch Me


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I wonder why Atari never capitalized on the handheld market. They certainly had the technical know-how to have at least attempted, but after Touch Me, they never made another beyond prototypes.

It hurt them more than we talk about too. They ceded that whole market to Mattel and Coleco. Atari paid millions for the rights to games like Pac-Man and allowed the handheld/tabletop rights to go to Coleco. When it came time to negotiate Donkey Kong, Nintendo decided to go with Coleco instead because they had the ability to put Donkey Kong on a handheld and manufacture Donkey Kong toys. Nintendo has always been a toy company at heart and correctly saw that Atari wasn't, but should have been.

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Indeed I agree, Yo-Yo. It did hurt them.

Atari had great properties that would have made a killing in the handheld market: Space Invaders, Asteroids, Missile Command, Pac-Man, even Breakout. They missed a golden opportunity. I think Missile Command in particular could have been realized as a handheld extremely well.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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The Atari Touch Me and Little Professor might have some collector's value now. The name Atari will go far for the Touch Me in the future, I am sure. It is a brand name that has history behind it.

By the way, Amber, welcome to the Forum. Nice to have new faces here. I like it here, and I think you will, too. It's very friendly here. :O)

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