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Show Off Your Successful Trades!


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did a recent trade with Rowsdower70 for a complete copy of Atlantis.  Really surprised that in addition to the manual it also had an Imagic game catalog/advertisement and the mail in warranty registration card. awesome.  (I didn't get a pic of those or the loose copy of Intellivision Armor Battle he threw in!)  Really happy to find such great folks to trade with on here.  I recommend you trade with Rowdower70 for sure! Thanks again buddy!


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We've had a lot of good trades go down, and I'd like to thank everyone for being cool and honest.  The whole point is to spread the fun with those who love and appreciate the great systems from yesteryear.  Trade something you don't need for something you don't have.  Have fun and meet some great people. 


My trade box was empty for a while, but it's getting big again...please go look at post #1 (and everyone else's lists too) and keep the trades going!!!!   I'll make sure to post any future trade pictures here. 


Thanks everyone!  -Rick

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It has been a blast.  It's like a neighborhood trade thing going on here, and everyone seems to be really concerned about making sure their trades find a good home.


I've been surprised how helpful an Atari forum has been with building my Intellivision collection!

Glad you're happy with Atlantis!  I don't have pics, but thank you for the Atari carts and INTV manuals and overlays. :)

I'll make sure to take pics of future trades and put them here.

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So this weekend I got a package. A mysterious package labeled Genesis 2. How strange. I already have a Genesis 2 and the package seemed to small to hold one. None the less I opened it to see what was inside...



Oh wow! It's my game selections from the Rowsdower Omnivision Club! Joust on the NES and Summer Games on the 2600! I already own these games on other systems, but I wanted to try these versions too.



And look! even the Michael Jordan Pog was left speechless by its awesomeness! Just speechless!


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I never cared for any of the Summer/Winter games series, but that version of Joust is amazing.   I know you'll enjoy!


Thanks again for the trade!


EDIT:  That box originally was used to ship a Genesis 3 (console only) I won on eBay.  I was a bit puzzled when I saw it as well.

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So I got my games from AtariBrian!

Smurf and Towering Inferno for the 2600.

Together I call this combo "Smurf BBQ"  :D



Unbeknownst to each other, we both got stickers out of the deal.

He sent me this cool, 1980's Super Pac-Man mini sheet:



And checkout the cool contest on the back!

Make your own Pac-Man poster and you could wind a prize!

Time to get out my scented markers...


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