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Comfort Games, the ones you keep going back to.

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Saw this new video discussing games they keep returning to. 

😎🤷‍♂️I totally get Link to the Past. Otherwise my "comfort" games I am sure nobody else would pick, SIDE POCKET for NES/Snes/Genesis & Mr. Do! on ColecoVision.

What are some games that grabbed you from the start and you find yourself returning to over and over? 


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"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday."

 - M. Bison

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My current comfort game of 14 years is Halo Reach. It was released back in 2010, and I've been playing this Xbox 360 game ever since. What I've been playing is the game in Fire Fight mode. It's simply waves upon waves on enemies and you try to stay alive as long as you can. It's a combination of action with enough tactics and strategy to keep me engaged. Typical session for me last 20-40 minutes which is perfect. I can jump in and out easily.

I've been playing it almost daily for 14 years. I tried going cold turkey and quit playing it for a few months last year. I even uninstalled it to get myself to play something else (Vampire Survivor anyone?). However, I returned later in the year and bought the Master Chief Collection for my Xbox One X. The MCC version of the game loads way faster than the native 360 version with backward compatibility and 360 disc check on my Xbox One X.

Back in the day during the 80s, my comfort game was Dr. J and Larry Bird One on One with some Archon, Seven Cities of Gold, Blue Max, and Necromancer thrown in.

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