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  1. 15 minutes ago, MaximumRD said:

    Awww man, sorry Rick. I am glad you still had fun, I mean that's the way to be, right? Accept the circumstance and don't let it stop you! Don't let it rain on your parade....er....well you get what I'm saying 😁

    Exactly.  We were together, we were adjusting and managing.  It could have been much worse!  We saw several people that were very upset about it to the point of tears.  It is understandable, but what can you do?  Roll with the punches, baby. 


  2. We still had a lot of fun.  But the rain made it pretty exhausting after a while. 

    I've been to the Florida parks when it has rained.  The difference is that in FL, it rains HEAVY for a while and then stops.  This rain was different...it was heavy and never stopped.  While we had fun still, it was sobering to think that there was flooding in the area.  Hopefully, everyone in the area and their property are all ok. 


  3. I would mod it.  It's easy to do and I've done a few of them for others before.  And yes, there is a space limit, but it is pretty large.  Enough for most favorites.  Which games?  I usually go to "videogamecritic.com" and sort a system's games by letter grade.  Grab and try all the "A" titles. 

    The easiest flashback to mod is the PS1 Classic, which can simply boot off a USB stick.  Remove the stick and it's right back to stock.



  4. 21 hours ago, Justin said:

    Very cool item @RickR! Now that I see this I remember selling these Nyko cases at Toys R Us during the Game Boy Color era. When I first saw it in your post I thought it was a TurboGrafx-16 Turbo Booster Plus, and remembered these cases always used to remind me of those even when they were new.


    The GBC was indeed from Toys R Us, which was our go-to for GB games at that time.  I'm sure the Nyko case came from there. 

    Oh how I'd love to have one of those Turbo Booster Plus!  I'm using RF output with my TG-16.  It looks pretty good that way, but composite would be better.

  5. Same here, this blog post is awesome.  I remember riding my bike to a computer store as a kid.  I was a VIC-20 owner at the time, not yet Atari.  And I was astounded at all the games available on tape in a ziploc baggie!  I think I bought a few that looked like fun, but was pretty disappointed with them when I got home and tried them.  Well, the good news was that my disappointment turned into "I could do this better".  And the best thing about tape games was you could actually see the source code.  So I ended up learning a ton. 

  6. 10 minutes ago, CrossBow said:

    Crazy, the actual arcade cabinet was semi common when I was kid and I always drawn to it. And you know it was different because games like Operation Wolf and the later other Gun games never interested me, but anytime I saw a Crossbow cabinet I had to play and see how far I could get my friends. But like all arcade games back then, it was much more difficult than home versions and I think I was only able to get them to the ice caves before getting wiped out. Might have made it to the jungle screen, but again just way more difficult compared to the home versions.

    So yeah, I was very familiar with the game and it was actually Crossbow and Xenophobe that made me want a 7800 when I was younger in the late 80s. I never was able to get Xenophobe as I don't remember being able to find it, but I remember seeing it on the Sears wish catalogs back then. But Crossbow I was able to get and I'm pretty sure I got it from Toys R Us at that time.


    ANY game with a real-looking crossbow controller was going to get some serious attention from us kids!  Lets be honest, the games with sweet custom controls were the best games of all.  Sit-down Pole Position, Battlezone with two sticks and the periscope, Stunt Cycle, even Tron with its black-light enhanced controls.....


  7. I haven't 3D printed anything all year.  I need to...I've got a VIC-20 multi-cart that needs a shell.  I find it to be such a PITA to remember how to do it.  I think I may just give my 3D printer away to a local kid or something. 

    Your video has an important piece of info about the AtariVox I didn't know...that it has a separate audio out.  That's kind of like the O2 "The Voice" module, except no built in speaker.  Given that thought, I wonder how well a small speaker built into a new bigger casing for the AtariVox would work?

  8. I guess this is as good a place as any to add my notes on the HOKEY chip.  I initially got one that sounded terrible with a game whose soundtrack I'm very familiar with (Ballblazer).  Fred sent me a replacement, and that one sounds just right.  It still has the volume issue (POKEY sound isn't as loud as it should be), but at least it sounds correct.

    I'm leaving the new HOKEY in my Concerto cart and will keep that POKEY I was using as a backup or maybe even sell it. 

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