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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box 10 - It's all about the junk


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The junk box has arrived back at the mother-ship!  Thank you to Greenween for shipping it out so quickly.


I'm very happily surprised to see that it's still the original box, and that a lot of additional artwork has been added.  I'll open it up and document whats in there as soon as I get my bearings here at home.




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OH MAN!  So much good junk in this box.  Here's some pictures of what's in here.


This first pic is just my first pass at "must-keep" items.  Really neat stuff.  I think the complete boxed "Amidar" is sweet.  Star Trek TV guide, a couple of boxed (and loose) DS games (I will put those to good use), Lynx "Scrapyard Dog" (WOW!), a boxed Genesis game, a Genesis retrogen, some neat looking PS2 games.  I think I'm going to be busy for a while trying all these out.  Oh!  And the Ghostbusters pin, the batmobile Hot Wheel...




This next pic is the stuff I put in that no one took.  Wah-wahhhhhh.  I probably missed a few.  I'll post pics of the stuff I put in later.  Probably a bunch of Atari carts should go here too.  :(




The loose Atari carts...and a nice Combat box.  You can bet I'll be re-assembling that box for one of my many combat carts.  Hey look, there's TWO combats in the box!  I guess I should have put those in the "must-keep" pic.




A really neat Underdog DVD set (I'll watch and then put in a future box), And a really cool Japanese Dreamcast game.  Will it work in a USA Dreamcast?  I'll find out.




Finally, some comic books, manuals, etc.  Gonna give these a read for sure.




THANK YOU everyone for making this junk box so much fun!  Really nicely done. 


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