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The 2020 Retro Game/Junk Box


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Gauging interest.  Who would be interested in a retro game box in October?  I'd be happy to host.

(following is a blatant copy/paste from @nosweargamer's prior post)

What is it

 A large flat rate box filled with retro goodness. Members who take part in it, take what they want out if it, fairly refill it, and mail it to the next participant.

Who's Eligible

Any current active member at the time of this post with at least +100 reputation points, who lives in the US and promise to follow the rules below.

What you can put into the box

Retro related games, toys, comics, magazines, trading cards, books, DVDs an so on in working condition. Over half the box should be related to retro gaming. Modern games are ok, if they are related to a retro game or series.

What you can't put into the box

VHS tapes, records, audio tapes, pc or mac games, similar obsolete media or unboxed common rarity 1 Atari 2600 games according to AtariAge.

Box Limits

  • no more than 5 games per system at a time
  • no duplicate games
  • no more than 1 book and/or audio CD at a time (to save space)
  • you are allowed to take up to half of the contents

Shipping info

Participants agree to ship the box within three business days of receiving it, pay for shipping to the next participant (currently $19.95, but cheaper if you use paypal multishipping), pack it securely (plastic shopping bags work well to fill gaps), and insure it for $50 (free with priority mail postage).


Participants agree to fairly refill the box with contents that are equal or greater in value to what they took out (use pricecharting.com to get game values and adjust for condition). The number of items you put in does not need to match the number of items you took out, but please keep a good variety in the box.


Contents are to remain a secret for the next person, but participants agree to send me a picture/video of what they took out to share immediately and a picture/video of what they put in to share when the box is over.

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You know I'm always down for one! It'd be cool to see another one happen here! Thanks for hosting!

BTW, for those of you who are new to this, here's a video of a previous one we did here on the site last year. This should give you a good idea of what the box is about and what kind of items might make good contributions:


The No Swear Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcg

Host of The Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube

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OK, I'm going to start putting together the box and the stuff inside.  Here is the participant list so far in no particular order, with my best guess on state:

It's not too late to join!  I even renamed the thread to include the word "Junk". 

For now, if you guys have any "wants", please post them here.  Even it's just a particular system you're most interested in.  Example:  RickR is most interested in NES, SMS, and handhelds.   Also post here or PM me if you have a desire to go at a certain spot based on dates of vacation or what-not. 

I will post a better preview later as I get the box together.  For now, I think it will contain:

  • Several 2600 games, including one that has "special" controllers.
  • A couple of plug & plays of the retro variety.
  • A game-based DVD or two. 
  • An Odyssey 2 game.
  • SNES games.
  • Manuals!  Books!  Posters!  A smorgasbord of paper-based goodness. 
  • A retro handheld game.
  • Who knows what else!  I am heading to my favorite game store later this week. 


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Wow, if we have someone in California, we'd hit all four corners of the contiguous states.

Gaming wants -- Genesis and SNES games as I just got started and don't have many, especially Genesis (I only have Sonic 2).

I don't have any schedule conflicts and anytime is fine with me.

@HDN send me your name and mailing address and I'll send you something when I mail the box to its next destination so you can partly participate 😉

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@socrates63 that's very kind of you, but I'm okay. You don't have to send me anything. You should leave those for the people who are able to put stuff back in the box. Thank you, but I'll have to pass on your offer.

By the way, I didn't know you got a Genesis. I don't have a normal Genesis but I do have the AtGames flashback unit. Sound emulation is poor but the games seem to run fine. My model came with some nice wired controllers instead of those crappy wireless infrared ones. My favorite game on the system is Columns III. Mean Bean Machine, Flicky, Goldenaxe, and Gain Ground are also fun. Be on the lookout for the six pack!

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Last week, there was a give-away by a local gamer/seller to celebrate the growth of the local gamer Facebook group. I won a Genesis cartridge and while I went to pick it up, I got a Genesis model 2 from him for $20. I already had the Genesis arcade joystick (use with 5200) and now with a game in hand, it made sense to grab the console since it was pretty cheap.

@HDN send me your address before I ask Rick for it. Consider it a Christmas gift from your I/O "twin" -- we arrived here together.

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Sounds like "Secret Santa" except no secret. 

The Genesis is awesome and I'm glad you mentioned it.  See?  That makes it easier to be confident that the box will have stuff you'll like!  It's incredible how such a great system is available for such a low price, and it's been that way for a while. 


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I like the Genesis, but it isn't Super Nintendo. Genesis has some stellar arcade-style games, but SNES has better adventure games. I love me my Nintendo IP's. And Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Link's Awakening, F-Zero, Pilotwings... those aren't on Genesis. Genesis is good, but not Super, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I'm surprised the Genesis is so cheap compared to the SNES. I guess it's because many of the games haven't aged as well or the IP's aren't being used at the moment that much. Sonic is the exception I guess. SNES games just seem more memorable and maybe that's why their value is higher. Plus, the series are still getting new entries to this day for the most part.

Never been a big Sonic fan or cared much for his games at all with one exception. Sonic 1 on the GameGear/Master System (same thing basically). That game is phenomenal. Sonic 2 is OK in my opinion. I haven't spent much time with it. I will say lots of the classic Sonic games have really good OST's. Listen to the Jungle theme from GG Sonic 1 when you get a chance. It's amazing. It's also on my playlist on my DSi. I'll post the song here.

@socrates63 are you sure? You really don't have to do this. That is very kind of you. Thank you. 

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I've always been a Nintendo fan because I love Mario, DK etc. from the arcades in the early 80s. And I agree with you that Genesis and SNES have their strengths. 

I saw the GG when it first came out, and at the time, I was not impressed with the washed out screen, poor battery life, and the bulk of the handheld. I preferred my GB even if it didn't have color and no backlit screen. Times have changed and so has perspectives although I'm not a big handheld fan. I'll take a look at the GG Sonic video. 

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5 minutes ago, socrates63 said:

I saw the GG when it first came out, and at the time, I was not impressed with the washed out screen, poor battery life, and the bulk of the handheld. I preferred my GB even if it didn't have color and no backlit screen. Times have changed and so has perspectives although I'm not a big handheld fan. I'll take a look at the GG Sonic video. 

I wouldn't mess around with GG Sonic 1 on original hardware. That blurry screen looks like it might kill the game. I bought the game for $5 on 3DS Virtual Console and it plays well on there as well. I think it is also on Sonic Gems Collection on GameCube. I think.

It's also on the Sega Master System. There are minor differences between the two variations, but they are both the same game at heart. I prefer the GG version, but some like the Master System version better as it has less screen crunch, though it is also less forgiving.

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22 hours ago, TrekMD said:

I like seeing SNES games are coming.  I have only a few of those. 

You all need to play more Super Nintendo.

@RickR I like seeing you're putting an Odyssey 2 game in there! That thing needs more love. I haven't played one yet, but really want to try one out someday.

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This stuff works pretty good:


In the image you're NOT supposed to reveal any of the contents of the box !!!! ... also I dunno what free weights have to do with retro gaming, you can mash buttons pretty good with "buggy-whip arms" :invader:


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On ‎10‎/‎7‎/‎2020 at 9:08 AM, RickR said:

Updated list (still no order).  My initial thought is to send it to the SE, have it travel up the eastern seaboard, then west to WA, then back home to OR. 


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