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Name That Game Via Haiku

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I decided to bring a game that The Retro League Podcast community used to play many years ago.

Here's how you play: Someone gives a platform and a 5-7-5 haiku describing a game. The first person to guess right gets the next turn.

I'll start in the next post, and try to edit this post to keep score.


@RickR - 14

@HDN - 13

@nosweargamer - 11

@RadioPoultry - 7

@Sabertooth - 6

@Marco1019 - 2

@socrates63 - 2

@DegasElite - 2

@Justin - 1

@Gianna - 1

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16 minutes ago, nosweargamer said:

Dig Dug 2

What an interesting take on the game.

I may have to use it in the future...

Yes indeed! I think it's an excellent game. I have been looking out for the NES port for quite some time now and finally found it in the wild recently.

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