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Breaking news courtesy of the Atari Weekly Podcast hosted by Brutally Honest Gamer. A new OS update is coming to the VCS next week. The update will reportedly bring two big features: 

- leaderboards

- 2600 emulation

The addition of leaderboards is a long awaited addition to the AtariOS.

2600 emulation is intriguing. Presumably it's a way to sell individual games as Atari does with DOS and 7800 titles on Flashback Fridays. Could it also mean homebrew and 3rd party titles? Time will tell!

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The long awaited and MASSIVE update to the VCS was pushed early this morning! Here are the details courtesy of @BHG_Gaming via the Official VCS Discord server.

- Leaderboards: Track and compare scores across your favorite Atari titles with new online leaderboards! See how you stack up against the rest of the VCS community or simply use your rank to brag. The first titles to benefit from the Leaderboard feature are Atari’s Recharged series (Black Widow, Asteroids, Breakout), with more to come in the future. The Atari VCS now supports daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards across regions and globally.

- Public “Friends” Profiles: Enhancements to the friends system, including expanded public profiles, that make it easier to discover and connect with other players.

- DIY Developer Private Beta: With this update, every VCS can be turned into a dev kit. This change makes it easier for developers to create content for the Atari VCS, and creates a pathway for homebrew developers to create games and apps for themselves, and eventually share them with other VCS users. Atari will be working with a small group of independent developers to gather feedback before rolling it out to the full community.

- Stella/Atari 2600 Integration: The popular Atari 2600 emulator system, Stella, is now fully integrated with the Atari VCS operating system. The integration of Stella makes bringing classic and new third-party Atari 2600 titles to the VCS Storefront easy, and VCS owners can expect 2600 titles to join the expanded collection of retro titles.

- And More: Dashboard notifications, USB camera support, and new Customer Support Tools.

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Here is the change log from the last update from the Official VCS Discord.

VCS LiveOps Changelist Live Operations Features  

April 21, 2021 

High Level  General

- Family Sharing: This allows users on the same VCS to share the games they have purchased. If users set a box as “Home” all other Home users have access to each other's purchases

- New $ value promo codes for redeeming full or partial price of purchases for any products - New feature to in settings, where users can redeem promo codes for unreleased products

- Bios v24 - ability to set boot order of eMMC vs SSD drive

- Security updates

- Added few Network related changes with optimization

- UI/UX bug fixes and improvements

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