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Poll: Which version of Demon Attack is best?



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  1. 1. Which version of Demon Attack is best?

    • Atari 2600
    • Atari 8-bit
    • Intellivision
    • TI 99/4A
    • VIC 20
    • Odyssey2
    • C64

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Imagic Demon Attack -- one of the greatest 2600 games of all time. Developed by Rob Fulop. Truly a classic.


It ended up being ported to several other systems, and in some cases, big changes were made.


So which version do you prefer?


The contenders:

  • Atari 2600. The original. One of the first games with changing enemies. The way the aliens warp in is awesome. The aliens that split in 2 was a huge surprise the first time you saw it. It's fast and very fun.
  • Atari 8-bit. Exactly the same as the 2600 version. Which is lame. So much more could have been done here.
  • Intellivision: Truly an awesome port. They added a planet to the background and a boss level. But the game is slower and a little less colorful. Still, that boss is so cool looking.
  • TI 99/4a: Came on cart or disk and the disk version had speech! This one is similar to the Intv version, but the aliens are much more detailed and crazy looking. In my opinion, probably the very best TI 99/4A game. It's crazy fun.
  • VIC-20: Exactly the same as the 2600 version, but with one huge improvement. If you shoot the bottom-most alien, the others will move down and start firing. An amazing technical achievement on this limited machine.
  • Odyssey 2. They tried. But the limited hardware really shows here. It's slower, and only 2 aliens at a time. Still, it's a lot of fun.
  • Commodore 64 - a mix of the Intellivision and 2600 versions. Really great game. Love the boss level.
I do apologize if this has been done before. I thought it had been, but search turned up nothing.


Vote and tell us why.

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Here's a comparison video in case you need some reference.



I didn't know there was a DOS version of this. It also makes me long for a 7800 version...I think it would have been great to see more 2600 titles make their way over to the Pro system and take advantage of the power.


Anyways, my vote is for the TI version. The graphics are really good for the system, only lacking that interlaced warp-in effect. The sound does leave something to be desired (unless you find that speech version) but otherwise it really stands out in the TI library and the enemy design is great. 


I liked the game on the 2600 but never was crazy about it as it just felt a little too shallow compared to other single screen shooters like Spider Fighter or Phoenix. It did have cool effects (your ship going up in a pixel nuke cloud is cool) and memorable sounds but other than that, it just didn't keep my attention like Phoenix did. Phoenix spoiled me here as that was an excellent port, in some ways a little more enjoyable than the arcade version (which I do own. Not a fan of the sound). I love the gradient enemies and the boss battle is intact.

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Intellivision wins for me.  The boss level is just too awesome!

Edited to add:  I haven't played a bad version of Demon Attack.   All ports of that game seem to be fun.

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I've only played two of them.............. the Atari 2600 version and this one (which gets my vote, but is not listed in the poll).........






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I've only played the 2600 version. So that's what I'm voting for. LOL. Probably not a fair vote, but I wanted to vote.


Intellivision: Truly an awesome port. They added a planet to the background and a boss level. But the game is slower and a little less colorful. Still, that boss is so cool looking.

I don't know if it's true or not, but I remember reading somewhere that the boss level is a rip-off of the boss level from Phoenix. But since the game was already similar to Phoenix anyway it was kind of inevitable.

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For those of you that love the 2600 version....if you get the chance...try the VIC-20 version.  Even in emulation.  It's incredible how close it is to the Atari version, and how that one little change (aliens moving down a row to start firing) makes the game even more frenetic.  And take note...this was done on a machine with no hardware sprites (player/missile graphics). 

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