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My Atari 7800 Kiosk


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That, my friend, is a thing of beauty....


Only thing i'd (personally) change on a rebuild?


Swop positions of TV (it's too high) and the 7800 Pro System box...if that's possible, some TV brackets of back is strong enough to support them?.



the demontration units at the local Wal-marts these days have the monitors very high up , I think the idea is that the blood circulation to your brain is cut off makeing you more likly to make an impulse purchase ..... although I could be wrong



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THANK YOU for all the awesome compliments, guys! The kiosk almost made a public appearance at PhillyClassic 3 in April, 2002 but unfortunately that didn't happen. The kiosk was a lot of fun, and very very cool to have hanging around a tv room. I look forward to doing something like this again.



very handsome.


I like the pro-line controller hanging there.


are those button illuminated ?



Thanks chas! No, but that's a cool idea  ^_^  :commodore_joystick:

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