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SNES Classic who got one? Thoughts?


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So i got my SNES classic on launch morning. Honestly if you went out looking for one on launch they were super easy to get. My best buy had over 40. Target next door had had 44. Gamestop across the street had 13. The gamestop was the only one to have the hori fighting commander wireless controller and they had 2. I just bought the controller today at another gamestop and it was their last one


So i bought it because i dont have a few of the games. Mostly i wanted to play earthbound. It is my first time playing it and it is awesome. Its set up like the NES classic witht the save states. Im glad i bought it. Im glad Nintendo stuck to what they said and made it easier to get.


The thing really is mini sitting next to the original. The controller is almost identical. The short canle os the only problem. You would think they could have fixed that.


So did you get one? What are your thoughts on it? Do you regret buying it?





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Justin you didn't get the matching mini.............


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I got one but it wasn't easy. I went to Walmart (24 hours) the night before but none of the stores in the area (SW Florida) had gotten any of their shipments in. I somehow got the last one at one of the nearby Target stores after work. I've mostly been playing Final Fantasy 3 on it since. Lots of great games on it...

Yea i heard about Florida. From what i was told on release day Florida got zero, but im not sure how true that is. Glad you found one though

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I don't and likely wont but if I did....I'd mod it and put all my favorite Snes Roms and RetroArch on it with hackchi2...........

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

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I paid the scalpers on eBay... turns out my wife REALLY wanted one, and I didn’t realize it on release day. We were in the middle of moving, and I didn’t have time to go hop in line somewhere early in the morning. We certainly didn’t need it or fit into the target market, I think she just liked the mini look, and the SNES is her favorite system.


Overall it seems about the same as the NES Classic, the game selection is good, etc. Controllers aren’t quite the real thing, but close, and better than most of the clone controllers you can get these days. I still feel like control in SMW isn’t as tight as it is on the real SNES; you get a little bit more drift when changing direction.


I LOVE the save states feature, especially on games like DKC, where the save points are a million freaking levels apart. Really makes playing those games more enjoyable.


I’m going to get a travel case for it too. I think one strong point for these systems is if we want to take them with us to visit relatives or on vacation. They are so much more portable than dragging real hardware around, but close enough to having real hardware that you don’t notice the difference. I also like the limited game selection. I think a Pi setup is superior, but you can really get overwhelmed with game selection. This gives you a nice limited greatest hits catalog that’s easy to pick a game from and play.

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