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11 minutes ago, TrekMD said:

They are working on it.  They have been filming and have been allowed to complete two short "movies" to complete their story.

Oh YES!  Great to hear.  Of course I'll probably use my video editing software to turn those two short ones into one decent length flick (for my own use) of course.

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Sometimes you need a little sugar rush when playing a game to obtain that "higher score".  To that end I printed up a candy dispenser to put next to my TI-99/4A.  I still have to get the canning jar and lid to put on top, and of course fill it with delectable jelly beans, but this is what the finished print looks like.



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I ordered this sign from an Etsy store. I had my eyes on it for a long time and finally pulled the trigger as show of support for the owner who just retired from his courier job. I've ordered 2600 game cartridge holders from him before.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Atari ST lineup. Being an Atari fan, I naturally moved up to the 520ST from the 800/800XL/130XE line. I had a great time using my 520ST. I even got a RAM upgrade for it. I have many memories of gaming and writing my college papers on it (Ami Pro for the win).

However, the fact that it was a product developed by Jack Tramiel's Atari is what always bothered me. I mean, just the physical quality of the machine is, well, sorely lacking when compared to the 800 and even the 800XL. Am I being petty? Maybe? What can I do? I am forever a fan of the original Atari.

A few years ago, I learned that the engineers behind the Atari 800 designed the Commodore Amiga. Oh, the irony!

I have no intentions of acquiring the ST, so this is as close to having an ST as I'm going to get for my collection. The sign looks even better in person than the photos I saw online. I'm very happy with it and glad I can at least give a nod to a part of my computing past in cool fashion.


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Joe makes good stuff. This is the first sign that I bought, and I am very happy with it. 

I've been asking him to make a cartridge holder for Cosmic Commuter for a long while, and he replied to my Facebook post today that he will work on it pronto. My cartridge needs a nice home, and a boxed copy is a little too rich for me 🙂

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Last year, my wife agreed to move out her piano from my den and into the living room. This freed up an entire wall in the den. I've been planning on setting up my CRT based gaming setup there for a year now (interrupted by health issues for about 8 months). With the arrival of this SCART switch, it is almost done 🎉

I got a taste of RGB last year when I bought an Intellivision from @CrossBow of the Ivory Tower Collections. I had an OSSC lying about unused, and curious to see what all the hoopla about RGB was about, I connected the Intellivision to it and to my 65" 4K TV. Wow! Now I understand. I have seen the light.

Last month, I bought a 27" Sony which was modded for SCART RGB input and component input. It was refurbished and modded by a former TV station tech (Josh) in the area. Initially I didn't buy the Sony because of the SCART input. However, when I went to pick it up, Josh told me that many consoles support RGB output natively with the use of a cable. That was extremely exciting revelation, so, I immediately ordered the RGB SCART cables for SNES, Genesis, and PS2. I'm also going to look into a cable for the Jaguar and Dreamcast.

With me wanting multiple RGB capable consoles connected to the TV at any time, I needed a switch. The highly regarded GSCARTSW switch is $300 and thankfully out of stock, so I didn't have to struggle with the idea of plunking down 3 Benjamins. I searched some more and found a review that touted this switch as the best budget switch. For 60 pounds British, I took the plunge.

I am super excited that this setup is nearly complete. The Sony will serve up:

  • SCART - SNES, Genesis, PS2, NES (in the process of getting RGB output mod). Hopefully, the Jaguar and Dreamcast will join the party.
  • S-Video - Atari 2600, 5200, 7800
  • Component - a Pioneer region free DVD player that I bought last month to use with this TV

A Denon home theater receiver will serve as the hub for the s-video and component inputs. I am going to look into feeding the SCART audio to the receiver for an upgraded sound.


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12 hours ago, socrates63 said:

I got a taste of RGB last year when I bought an Intellivision from @CrossBow of the Ivory Tower Collections. I had an OSSC lying about unused, and curious to see what all the hoopla about RGB was about, I connected the Intellivision to it and to my 65" 4K TV. Wow! Now I understand. I have seen the light.

And you have an older version of the RGB board installed. It does work with the OSSC but only in a few modes reliably. The ones I install now are pretty much compatible with all known scalers and will even work with those cheap Genesis 2 to HDMI cable sets like the one from Hyperkin as an example. But yes, RGB output is quite amazing when you have the setup for it. There are still some instances where I prefer to use the s-video from a console over the RGB due to slight stability and softness issues I have with RGB output in general.

The Jaguar is one of those consoles. I have the RGB cable for it and it does work, but it isn't very stable through my OSSC and I find I have to change the scaling mode between games to get a stable picture and even then... it might still blank out on me ever few min for a sec or two. So I'm quite likely switch back to s-video on my Jag. My SNESjr through restored RGB wasn't stable either and I had to purchase and install an additional dejitter board to it before it was stable. The genesis will depend on which model you are using to connect to it. The RGB on earlier model 1 units is riddled with issues due to PCB design with other signals inteferring with the RGB output. As a result there are a few mods that can be done to correct for the horrid jail bars that RGB output on those earlier Genesis console will produce. I took the cheap method and removed the color subcarrier trace completely off the board that is the main cause. But as I might still want composite and s-video to work, I wired in a switch on the back to enable and disable the subcarrier signal through a new set of wires that run away from the RGB lines. More expensive is to have a triple bypass RGB board installed. But that will disable the composite completely and remove the RF modulator in favor of a new Genesis 2 AV jack to be installed to supercede the original larger DIN jack that is on the model 1 units. The method I went with removed over 90% of the jail bars and was enough for me to be very happy with the output and I'm pretty OCD about it.

I will also state that I can't really tell much of a difference between component and RGB on my AV setup. So I can go either way when offered on which to use. But... actual true digital output like those you can get for the OG xbox and Dreamcast are amazing!


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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Whelp... that SCART switch doesn't work for my setup, and I have no one to blame but me. I failed to read the following text that was only highlighted in yellow 🙄 in the product description page 🤦‍♂️ Please note that this will not work on a SCART TV, at all. As this doesn't supply the necessary detection voltage needed by a TV to switch to RGB mode.

Luckily, another local gamer was looking for something like it and wants to buy mine. At least I will get most of my money back. Whew!

By the way, RGB looks ah-mazing. Here's a screen shot of the PS2 config menu. I've never seen my PS2 looking this good. I'm sure the TV being refurbished and tuned by a TV tech played a big factor as well. SNES also looked superb. I couldn't get my Genesis to work (TV showed a blank screen) so will have to figure that out.


I just ordered the second option that I had found during my previous research. It's from a seller on Ali Express. It's another passive switch and should be as good as the one I originally ordered from the UK based on the reviews I've read.


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I need to let my son know that I like other things besides the Mandalorian 😂 This is the third Mandalorian thing he's gotten me in addition to the Mandalorian t-shirt and coffee mug set. Not only is this the third Mandalorian gift, his past three gifts have all been Mandalorian. I thought I told him that I canceled our Disney+ sub. Not complaining! Just thought it was funny.

The coffee and tumbler were Father's Day gifts from his girlfriend. 



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