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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box 9: Junk Box 9 From Outer Space

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Here's what I took:


attachicon.gifjunk box 9 002.JPG

  • PSP games Killzone and Need For Speed Underground -- these made me say "oooooh!" as noted above.  I am super pumped to try these games out. 
  • PSP Hannah Montana movies.  Humor - I traded Rowsdower for most of his PSP stuff a while ago and said "I'll take it all EXCEPT Hannah Montana."  Well dang, I guess I have to take em now.  Now that I think about it...I need to take these on my next plane trip.  Imagine...a middle aged man watching Hannah Montana on a PSP.  Nothing creepy about that at all. 
  • SegaCD Mortal Kombat - comment from my son:  "I'll bet it takes an hour to load".  We shall see, son.  We shall see.
  • Devil May Cry for PS2 and Devil May Cry 3 for PC -- I have no idea what these are.  But the "M" rating appeals to me.  Since I'm so mature.  And also, I needed space for more junk in the box. 
  • Homer Simpson figure.  He's obviously doing a "WooHoo!"
  • Donald Duck slidey puzzle.  I may lose my temper trying to solve this.
  • "How to Win at Super Mario Bros" booklet.  I won't lie...this is probably my favorite item from the junk box. 
  • Combat cart.  Because that throne made out of Combat carts ain't gonna build itself.  I think I'm legally obligated to take any and all combat carts in junk boxes. 
  • Fantastic 4 plug and play.  I won't lie.  I didn't want this, but I couldn't fit it back in the box.  Rowsdower...if you wanted it, I'll send it separately or in our next trade.  I may just put it in Junk Box 10
  • And finally, Tomy handheld kissing game.  I think I know who put this in, and I'll bet he knew who would take it.  Frankly, I love these little Tomy mechanical games.  On my first try, it pretty much summed up my lifetime love life:

attachicon.gifjunk box 9 005.JPG


This was one sweet junk box.  Thank you guys very much.  I've packed it up with what I think is good junk and it will be off to Texas and home tomorrow. 

I don't care anything about the F4 PnP, thanks though!


Watch Hannah Montana with pride, sir!

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I kind of feel like every junk box should have a token combat cart, but it should only be placed there by the host.   (Knowing full well it will most likely come back to you.)


Having some tanks guarding the box keeps it safe.


I agree, Combat needs to be in every box! I chuckled when I saw it; its the ultimate Atari junk cart!

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Man Rows! That is a lot of great stuff you got! That Pac-Man LCD game is quite the get!

And whatever you do, don't mix the pop rock with Coke ;)


I will post what I put in later on.


Also, for those of you interested, Junk Box 10 is scheduled to ship out on Sept 1st. A thread should be up for those who want to sign up in late August.

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