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Keith Robinson passes away

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Just saw this posted on Keith Robinson's page by his cousin:

This is my cousin Keith, our dads were brothers. He has lived in Cali his entire life, sadly he passed away today. Keith was an amazing guy.. brilliant, to say the least. He graduated high school and a 4 year college by the time he was 18. These are some of his lifetime achievements:

President (title) at Intellivision Productions, Inc
Cartoonist-on-Duty at Making It Productions
Former Software Development Manager at Health Data Development
Former Software Development Manager at Mattel
Former Systems Analyst at Ultimatte Corporation
Studied Computer Science at UCLA
Studied Business Administration at Northrop University
Studied Filmmaking at El Camino College, he also wrote cartoons for LA Times, etc.
Keith made it a point to always do a special post on all his friends birthdays, about them, always looked forward to mine and loved it. Keith's mom passed away when he was a teen from breast cancer. Uncle Norman, his dad, just celebrated his 90th (I believe) Birthday, Rest easy Keith, I know your mom, gram, pops and the rest of the fam were there to welcome you, give my boys and the rest of the fam a hug from me, love you 2764.png<3 2764.png<3 2764.png<3





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Our friends at The Retroist posted a nice article on Keith's passing. You can view it here:







From: The Retroist

Farewell, Keith Robinson – Mr. Intellivision

Believe it or not, he was a better pitchman than George Plimpton


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Adam Ward, Executive Producer of the forthcoming The Power of Glove documentary, has provided us with a nice (never before seen) image of Keith Robinson sitting at his desk at Intellivision Productions. I've assisted in the making of The Power of Glove and helped to arrange an interview with Keith that will appear in their film. The Power of Glove tells the history of Mattel's Power Glove for the NES, and Keith's participation provided a key backstory to Mattel's involvement in the video game industry - and their trepidation of getting back into it after the collapse. Intellivision was fortunate to have Keith, he was a wonderful "keeper of the flame" for Intellivision's legacy and represented Intellivision well wherever he went. I'm sad he's gone.



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