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What entertainment items do you take on a long trip?


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For example, on vacation that requires a plane trip. What gaming/entertainment items do you take?


I usually take the following:


- Gameboy Advance SP with 3 or 4 carts. I love this one because it's compact yet has great games.

- Tablet to surf internet, watch Netflix, etc.

- MP3 player to listen to audiobooks

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I too find the Gameboy Advance SP the best on the go gaming device.
Besides that, I have to have my laptop, and the Mrs has to have her smartphone. 
The laptop does all my surfing, streaming, and musical needs.   I rarely fly or anything, so I still listen to CDs when I travel.

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Given that i have never been on a plane i take the PSP for the loooong car rides. The PSP is modded so i can play any and all games (all atari and all nintendo), but now that i have the game gear i might be taking that on the next trip. Is there a car charger for the game gear?

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back in the day.......... I'd take: Takara Triple Flips (used to have 6 of the 10 they made - now I only have 1)





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Back in the day I would literally pack my Atari 7800 system and 30+ games (CIB!) to take with me for the summer. Sometimes I would bring a TurboGrafx-16 or SNES as well. Then I got a Lynx, and I haven't been without it since. For a long time I also brought a TurboExpress. Sometimes I still do.


I wrote a blog entry about my '90s road trips with Atari Lynx here: http://www.atari.io/atari-lynx-california-games-2/


These days I usually bring:


  • Atari Lynx w/ Travel Case, Sun Visor, Battery Pack, AC Adapter, Car Charger and a dozen of my favorite games
  • TurboExpress (if by car) in the rear center console of my car w/ Bonk 3, Air Zonk, Blazing Lazers, Alien Crush, and Galaga '90
  • Laptop for the sole purpose of running this site
  • iPad




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I don't fly and rarely ever get to go on a trip that doesn't involve me driving the entire time. The last time I think I got to switch off driving that allowed for bringing fun things along was way back in 2001 to JagFest. We had a power inverter in the car, a 20" CRT TV and a PS2 with Burnout that we took turns playing in the backseat. We got a lot of goofy looks as cars passed this tiny black Hyundai Elantra with a huge TV in the back, at least for the car haha...

7800 - 130XE - XEGS - Lynx - Jaguar - ISO: Atari Falcon030 | STBook |STe


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I also want to admit I'm a lot like this guy:






I don't know why, but I get illogically nervous and anxious before flying.  Woke up this morning feeling pretty bad....  So the good news is that the electronic gadgetry usually makes me feel better as a distraction. 

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Electronics-wise? Mainly my trusty laptop, packed with an unimaginable amount of emulators and all my music. A flip-fone. Perhaps a book or two. Oftentimes taking in the scenery and ambiance *IS* the entertainment itself and I don't get into the stuff I bought with. If I did, I might as well stay at home!

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3DS with some games and my DS multicart. Maybe my PSP if I'm into a particular game... my iPhone of course, and a regular Kindle. I also have a Limeade portable battery that is great for keeping stuff charged.


Surprised to see so many rockin the GBA SP; that system was definitely one of the best portables Nintendo ever made. I have the NES styled one, still works great, but I hardly use it anymore because I can emulate GBA pretty well with the DS multicart.

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Oh....this past Thanksgiving for the extended weekend my wife and I went to New Jersey to visit her mother and some relatives. Along with my MacBook I also brought a book I've been meaning to read...which came in *very* handy because my M-I-L's Verizon FiOS dropped dead, meaning no TV and no Internet. (My wife and I each had stuff to occupy the time with, but my M-I-L was in a state of panic because she couldn't watch the damn TV.)


And as with fergojisan (if that IS his real name!) I also have my trusty iPod with me, 160 gigs...even have a playlist for daytime airplane takeoffs:

- "On The Run" by Wondermints, timing it so that the very last segment happens just as the plane's about to lift off, followed immediately by "Ride" from the same group, next track on the album, actually

- "Someone To Love"  and "Car Phone" from Roger McGuinn's Back From Rio album

- Then back to Wondermints for their cover of "Barbarella" (my wife's suggestion)

- And then back to the McGuinn album for "Your Love is a Goldmine".


For some reason, that list of songs just plain works at the beginning of a daytime flight.

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