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Atari I/O Secret Santa 2016!


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I'm pleased to announce Atari I/O Secret Santa 2016!




$30 Maximum spend on gifts, $20 min spend


Please wrap your presents if you can! Let's make this fun!


Gift items must pertain to classic video games or retro culture


Package must arrive no later than Friday, December 23, 2016










Happy Holidays! It's time for our 2nd Annual Atari I/O Secret Santa! If you'd like to be part of Secret Santa this year, please post a message below saying that you'd like to participate. If you can, include a link to your Want List in your post, or a list of game systems you collect for. The last day to sign up is Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Names will be assigned impartially by our Moderating team, and we will send you a PM with your Secret Santa information no later than Friday, November 18, 2016.


We love classic video games and retro life, and as such gift items can be used or refurbished so long as they meet the criteria of costing you around $30. 


Your Secret Santa package can be made up of more than one gift, so long as their total value is around $30 and so long as you've put together a gift package that you feel would be magical and special. (Please don't send a box of "junk")


It's preferable that the presents you send are gift wrapped. We really want this to feel like something special. However, it would be okay to send an item without gift wrapping if you were ordering from an Atari vendor, Amazon or eBay and wanted to have it shipped directly to your person's house as opposed to paying twice for shipping. We would encourage you to gift wrap your presents when possible.


If you're unable to participate in Secret Santa this year, please think about donating to a deserving charity of your choice. One charity to consider is the Oregon Food Bank, which RickR brought to our attention last year. You can visit them online at www.oregonfoodbank.org




:pow:  If you would like to participate, you must sign up by Tuesday, November 15, 2016   :pow: 





Happy Holidays to All!  







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Sure, I'm game.  We had limited participants last year but we had fun.

I would love to see more get involved this year!

My wish list is simple.  Anything from my INTV wish list posted here in the forums.

Anything Tron related.

RPG/Fantasy games for Atari, Sega, NES, SNES...anything RPG related.

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"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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So far, this is my wish list

Wonder boy in monster world genesis

Golden axe genesis, prefer with box

Armor attack vectrex(with overlay)

Pac Man intellivision

Beamrider intellivision

Desert falcon Atari 7800

Ninja gaiden 2 Nes

Any famicom game

Any Sega master system game

Any Sega mark 3 game

There are a few more, but just out of this price range, so I'm not listing them here, thanks.

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Please count me in.  I'll also do the charity donation. 


I'll need a little hand holding as far as how we know who our recipient is, and how to communicate our and their wants. 




(want list is here:  http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1040-rickr-want-list/?p=8446) 

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The hardest part of making a wish list is trying to think of stuff :P  Will have to post later



Ye ole Willie! Wishlist :)


- CIB 5200 Star Raiders

- 2600 homebrew Medieval Mayhem

- 2600 homebrew Seawolf

- 2600 homebrew Space Rocks

Edited by Willie!

My Youtube Channel Arcade USA! - https://www.youtube.com/user/SVT512

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My Wishlist:


7800 Ikari Warriors 

7800 Alien Brigade 

7800 Midnight Mutants 

7800 Nina Golf 


Just the games I don't collect the boxes.  Would love to do a 7800 Ave show these of course.

Host of The Jag Bar • Lynx Lounge  7800 Avenue

:youtube: Watch now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhPvmALbHpBUqrbBOms5Vw

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I just saw this on FB. I'm in (under the wire PST). I'll post some wants shortly.



Awesome to have you in atarilbc!


Everyone can expect a PM from me within the next few days with information about your Secret Santa. If you haven't posted your Wish List publicly feel free to PM it to me to share with your Secret Santa.


Happy Holidays!

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I am in! Sounds fun!


I have a Amazon video game collecting list and also have some gaming stuff on my main list so I will post both up


Gaming List



Main List


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I sent out PMs to all of you confirming your mailing addresses. Once everybody has confirmed their current mailing address that they'd like their Secret Santa to mail their package to we'll be all set! PMs will be sent out shortly with all of your Secret Santa info for this season!

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Just a dumb question -- the cost of shipping is not included in the $30 max, right?



Yes, that is correct. The gift should cost more than $20 and less than $30. This is a total figure, not including the price of shipping. If you want to do three gifts at around $10 each, or one large gift at around $30, that works fine. Being that this is all about classic games and toys, it's okay if the item is used so long as it's something you think would be really special to the person you're sending it to.


Not a dumb question at all! It's important to clarify this stuff and get it all out in the open.

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