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Thrift Store Finds


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That guy should be FIRED.

at lease shot :P




after a long day of doing tech work for a base salary trying to find the power input on a 4 port 5200 whould push ANYONE over the edge.


gaming stuff around here  is packaged and labeled "Goodwill Certified" with an (inflated IMHO) barcoded price tag 


examples would be common atari carts for 10 bucks , NES controllers for ten bucks. common NES games for 20 bucks. 

I think Goodwill has a "better" return policy than Salvation Army. but I'd rather take the gamble & tinker with then thing myself than have their "certification"


I suppose it does give people a job , even if they wind up hating it 

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Todays thrift store finds. Its not often i find genesis games at the thrift store and when i do they are usually loose so happy to have found it.


Gamecube games are a must and found a slimer


Also found a burger king simpsons watch. I remember having this same watch when it came out.


And finally i went to McDonald's today and bought 1 of the super mario toys they have right now. My closest place only had 1 kind of toy and without the happy meal the toy is $2



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Todays antique store finds. The oacman tins were $5 a piece.


The singing jaws was in the free box. They said they found it with popped batteries in it and tried cleaning it but cant get it to work. From the looks of it they didnt clean too well, but i still cant get it to work

 Is Oakman a knock-off of a popular Marvel character ???



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So I'm out with a cold and can't hit up a huge list of garage sales today, but the Mrs. is a trooper and hits a couple before she goes into work.....


She shoots, she scores!  

I did manage to snag a complete boxed Colecovision Flashback Dollar General version, and a loose Atari Flashback 2 with controllers yesterday though :)

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"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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HOLY CRAP!  You should let her do the looking more often. 


I'll bet if you were there, you would have done just like me....made an audible gasp and then said "OMG" or something similar...thereby tipping the seller off to jack the price way up. 


In any case, great job Mrs. S.  What a great find. 

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2600 items!

  • A joystick (no idea who makes it) that works very nicely.
  • Sssnake (which ssssucks)
  • Sears "Cannon Man". Human Cannonball is a great name, but Cannon Man is even better.

Wow, nice little haul there. I had one of those joysticks (Championship Electronics' Super Champ JC 250) before trading it away -- the retractable cord on that thing is a mile long! I liked it alright, just not enough to keep.


Cannon Man is a tough cart to find -- they sometimes sell for $40+ and I'm guessing you paid a fraction of that. Great score.

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