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My Favorite Atari Arcade Game


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That sit down cabinet Star Wars is soooooo cool!  Made you totally feel like you were in an X-Wing!

I think my "lottery" splurge would be a Tron machine, in all it's black-light glory!  It's hard to find a good image that does it justice...but this cabinet in a dark room.....oh baby!  It's not Atari, I know. 



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I'd go for this one: 


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If I win the lottery why would I get only one machine? I would get Asteroids, Space Fury, Space Encounters, Death Race, Tron, Discs of Tron and Gorf.


Until then I'll have to settle for the MAME cab I made from Computer Space.

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Now that you mention it Dan, I would love to have a custom made Tempest 2000 cabinet made. Always thought I would get around to making one but I don't have any of the time, space or skill for such an adventure.


Here you go! http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/507-custom-tempest-2000-arcade-cabinet/

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Sticking with Atari arcade games that I've actually played in the wild, I would go with Star Wars too.


However since that was already called for, I will also give three others I enjoyed as a kid. 

As some of you know, I didn't play a lot of arcades until the mid to late 80's.

By then, most of the classic games were either gone or hidden in a back corner where they mostly went unnoticed.

Also, several of these games may not have aged well, but at the time I thought they were the bee's knees.


#3) Pit-Fighter: At the time of it's release, the big digitized characters were a sight to behold and the simple controls made it easy to get into. And who didn't like being fork lifted over a pile of cash at the end?



#2) Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom: The movie was a big deal among kids and the game gave us a chance to enter the same world thanks to decent graphics, digitized voices, mine car rides and off course your trusty whip.



#1) Hard Drivin' (Sit down version of course!): Probably the first sit down game I played and I remember it costing more, probably 50 cents per play, but it was worth it. It split off into two tracks: A speed course and stunt course. But really, it was all about stunt track with the massive loop de loop. And don't forget to hit the cow to make it moo! 


The No Swear Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcg

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Friend of mine 'recently poured his life savings into turning his dream of having a proper Retro Arcade, into a reality (www/timewarparcade.co.uk)

1 of the 1st coin-ops he knew he had to have was Star wars.
Vids give you an idea of the place.



Man, I really hope this guy succeeds. The amount of cash you need nowadays to open up an arcade is insane nowadays. That man just earned my respect.

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If I ever get an arcade machine, it definitely has to be one of the sit-down cockpit types, probably Star Wars Arcade, but I'm trying to remember what other Atari brand sit-down arcade machines there were? I know one of my all-time favorites, if not the favorite, is the Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator, but that is Sega. But, if I did get either a Star Wars or Star Trek sit-down machine, I would definitely have to retro-fit it for use with my consoles too (but keeping the original game intact too. I would probably have to trade out the old screen for a new flat screen, if it were possible, though I don't recall if the Star Wars and Star Trek games maybe had a special screen for those vector graphics? If so then I'd have to get two, one for the original vector screen and one retro-fitted with a new flat-screen for consoles. Maybe some day...there was a time, about 10-15 years ago when they could be had for cheap, used, like a few hundred dollars. But now they are all antiques and probably cost magnitudes more than when they were new!


If I am going for the machine just for the "cockpit" I think it would have to be Atari's TX-1:




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I've always thought that a sit-down model of Battle Zone would have been awesome. I guess it would be called a "turret cabinet" instead of a "cockpit cabinet"!


The periscope wouldn't even be necessary. Being surrounded by the cabinet and speakers would have made it even cooler than the cockpit version of Red Baron. That and Star Wars are great games as well, but they're both wallpaper games (as I call games with forced scrolling, whether in the first person or not). I prefer to have control over the direction of my vehicle, rather than being subjected to a mere shooting gallery.


Still, I won't pretend that the trench phase in the Star Wars game isn't awesome. :D


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