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Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 Video Computer System

  • 214 topics
  • 2,449 replies
Latest Pickups - last post by kamakazi20012

Atari 5200

The Atari 5200 SuperSystem

  • 50 topics
  • 466 replies
Atari 8-bit ports to 5200 i... - last post by RickR

Atari 7800

The Atari 7800 ProSystem

  • 111 topics
  • 784 replies
Games in 320 resolution - last post by kamakazi20012

Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx 16-Bit Portable Color Entertainment System

  • 42 topics
  • 418 replies
Lynx Lounge - last post by correagonzalez

Atari Jaguar

The Atari Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System

  • 72 topics
  • 1,076 replies
Crumbs! in development for... - last post by AtariHero

Atari Arcade Games

Atari Coin-Operated Arcade Games

  • 32 topics
  • 218 replies
Atari PONG table in action - last post by AtariHero

Atari 8-Bit Computers

Atari 400, 800, XL, XE & XEGS Home Computers

  • 71 topics
  • 481 replies
V61's Ultra Translator... - last post by Video 61

Atari ST / TT / Falcon Computers

Atari ST, TT, & Falcon Home Computers

  • 39 topics
  • 226 replies
The Atari ST Book and Writi... - last post by Justin

Atari Dedicated Consoles

Atari's Pong, Stunt Cycle, Speedway, Touch Me, Cosmos, Flashback & More

  • 17 topics
  • 251 replies
Long awaited Atari Flashbac... - last post by Arenafoot

Atari History 101

An ongoing conversation about the fascinating events and pioneering personalities that made Atari the fastest growing company in American history

  • 57 topics
  • 472 replies
Building Arcades and moving... - last post by jerryd

Atari Artwork & Industrial Design

Atari's product design and box art defined an era. There's a shrine to Regan Cheng in here.

  • 26 topics
  • 202 replies
Live Atari Box Art - last post by MaximumRD

Atari Collectables & Memorabilia

Atari Catalogs, Posters, Ads, Atari Age Magazine, Retail Displays, Shirts, Patches, Pins & More!

  • 29 topics
  • 233 replies
New Atari Buttons for Summe... - last post by Arenafoot

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre

Chuck E. Cheese's was developed at Atari by Nolan Bushnell & Dr. Gene N. Landrum before being spun off into its own company

  • 16 topics
  • 56 replies
Looking For Portrait Animat... - last post by ryan_4491

Atari Adventures & Memories

Remember when you got your first Atari system from Kay-Bee Toys? Or was it Sears? Post your best photos and memories of Atari and other classic games!

  • 25 topics
  • 181 replies
Your Atari "firsts"... - last post by Keatah


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Did You Know?

Fun Atari factoids!

  • 6 topics
  • 51 replies
Yars' Revenge - last post by RickR


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Retro General

All things retro that aren't video game related

  • 75 topics
  • 634 replies
NSG's Pop Culture Chris... - last post by nosweargamer

Television & Movies

Your Favorite Classic TV & Movies

  • 201 topics
  • 1,454 replies
Mark Hammill's Face - last post by TrekMD

Radio & Music

Your Favorite Classic Music & Radio Programs

  • 88 topics
  • 382 replies
RIP Country Artists... - last post by kamakazi20012

Comics & Books

Classic Comics & Brilliant Books Growing Up

  • 18 topics
  • 162 replies
Atari Comics Have Started - last post by Jin

Classic Toys

A Blast From The Past! Star Wars, Action Figures, LEGO, Electronic Toys, & More!

  • 23 topics
  • 266 replies
The Toy Tomb Podcast Videos - last post by Willie!

Tabletop Games

Board games, card games, dice games, miniatures wargames, tile-based games and other games. Discuss Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and more!

  • 14 topics
  • 111 replies
Coleco Electronic Tabletop... - last post by Arenafoot

Collectables & Memorabilia

Catalogs, Retail Displays, T-Shirts, Stickers, Buttons & that Lamborghini poster that used to hang on your wall

  • 16 topics
  • 158 replies
EPCOT 35th Anniversary Merch - last post by TrekMD

Nostalgic Adventures & Memories

Remember when you and your friends took that epic adventure through the woods behind your house? Or when you went as C3PO for Halloween, snuck into a movie, or went to the Grand Canyon? Post photos and share your greatest Adventures & Memories!

  • 25 topics
  • 329 replies
40 Years of America's G... - last post by dauber


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Classic Gaming General

All Classic Gaming

  • 146 topics
  • 2,738 replies
Holiday themed retro games - last post by Starbuck66

Modern Gaming

Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo NX, Wii U & Modern Gaming General

  • 87 topics
  • 652 replies
Played the PSVR today... an... - last post by TrekMD

Arcade Life

Classic Arcade Culture & Otaku Life

  • 103 topics
  • 406 replies
Daytona Championship USA - last post by AtariHero


Wanna Play Doubles?

  • 12 topics
  • 30 replies
Have you seen Pinball table... - last post by kamakazi20012


Nintendo NES, SNES, Game Boy, N64, Game Cube, Game & Watch, Famicom & More

  • 115 topics
  • 930 replies
Super Scribblenauts - last post by RickR


Sega Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, 32X, CDX, Saturn, Dreamcast & More

  • 55 topics
  • 552 replies
Sega "SPARTAN" HERE... - last post by dgrubb


Mattel Intellivision, Aquarius, & INTV System III

  • 65 topics
  • 543 replies
Ice Trek - last post by TrekMD


ColecoVision & Coleco Adam. Possibly Cabbage Patch if we're in the mood.

  • 35 topics
  • 257 replies
Coleco Announces The Return... - last post by RickR


CGE / Milton Bradley Vectrex Home Arcade System

  • 10 topics
  • 60 replies
VAT (Vectrex Audio Tap) Demo - last post by CrossBow


NEC TurboGrafx-16, TurboDuo, TurboExpress, PC-Engine, SuperGrafx, PC-FX & More

  • 7 topics
  • 46 replies
Finally got a TurboGrafx-16 - last post by pizzabear


Neo-Geo AVS, MVS, Pocket & More

  • 2 topics
  • 10 replies
NEO-GEO Games - last post by PotatoBox


Tiger, Mattel Electronics, Coleco & More

  • 19 topics
  • 137 replies
Gameboy printer (region?) P... - last post by Jin

Classic Computing

IBM PC, Apple, Texas Instruments, Sinclair, Cardiff Electric & More

  • 45 topics
  • 197 replies
Compaq Armada M300 - last post by RickR


Commodore 64, Vic-20, PET, SX-64, Commodore 128 & More

  • 29 topics
  • 187 replies
Coming in 2018 - TheC64Mini - last post by RickR


Amiga Computers, CDTV, CD32 Video Game Console & More

  • 21 topics
  • 63 replies
10 of my favorite AMIGA gam... - last post by RickR

Prototypes & Vaporware

Great Things That Never Were

  • 23 topics
  • 154 replies
Atari 5200 Ballblazer (Prot... - last post by Video 61


Let's get technical.

  • 20 topics
  • 174 replies
So i got a Japanese gamecub... - last post by kamakazi20012


Homebrew Games, New Releases & Personal Projects

  • 91 topics
  • 420 replies
First look at the 7800 Amok... - last post by Video 61


MAME, Emulators, ROM Info, Tips, How-To & Help for Emulating Classic Games

  • 25 topics
  • 166 replies
Funny article about Snes Cl... - last post by MaximumRD


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Atari I/O Events, Contests & Giveaways

Atari has always been about fun and games!

  • 40 topics
  • 2,487 replies
Atari I/O Secret Santa 2017! - last post by RickR

Off Topic

Open conversation about anything

  • 125 topics
  • 1,512 replies
Installing Linux on an old... - last post by RickR

Official Atari I/O Blog

Our Official Atari I/O Website Blog features wildly esoteric articles exploring Retro Life, Video Games, and Atari as a cultural touchstone of discovery, original ideas and innovation.

  • 880 Hits

Member Blogs

Personal Blogs from Atari I/O Members

  • 909 Hits

Introduce Yourself!

This is a place where Members can get to know each other.

  • 66 topics
  • 836 replies
I did the math(s). It check... - last post by dgrubb

YouTube Community

Share what you love on YouTube!

  • 118 topics
  • 1,488 replies
Dallas's MIDI Remixes - last post by Gemini Gamer


Classic Gaming, Retro Life, & Points of Interest

  • 42 topics
  • 516 replies
Pie Factory Podcast - last post by dauber

Events & Clubs

Classic gaming shows, expos, and club events from around the world

  • 73 topics
  • 383 replies
FreePlay Florida 2017 - last post by RickR

Video Game Journalism, Websites, Magazines & Books

Modern & Classic Video Game Magazines, Websites, Books, Articles & More

  • 69 topics
  • 384 replies
Old School Gamer Magazine - last post by GRay Defender

Video Game Room Tours

Share photos & video of your collection or game room!

  • 26 topics
  • 424 replies
A view of the RickR sanctum - last post by RickR

New Adventures

Adventurists and Raconteurs! Share your life of adventure here! Bring us along for the journey! Post photos, videos and stories of your greatest new adventures and outings!

  • 23 topics
  • 170 replies
Uneventful Recycle Bin Chec... - last post by MaximumRD


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High Score Squad

Simple High Score Challenges - High Score Squad is a bi-weekly competition comprised of high score contests called "Squad Challenges". Players compete individually for the highest score possible. Squad Challenges are posted on the 1st and 15th of every month.

  • 44 topics
  • 1,406 replies
Squad Challenge - Asteroids... - last post by chas10e

Atari I/O Danisen League

Ranked Long-Term Individual Progress - The Atari I/O Danisen League is based on a modified form of the Danisen ranking system used in Japan to rank fighting game players in Japanese arcades.

  • 3 topics
  • 0 replies
Final Lap Twin (TurboGrafx-... - last post by btbfilms76

Atari Cup Tournament

  1. Seattle Super Marios Clubhouse,
  2. Washington Warlords Clubhouse,
  3. Houston Asteroids Clubhouse

Seasonal Team Play - Organized teams play against each other to win the ultimate prize - The Atari Cup!

  • 3 topics
  • 45 replies
Atari Cup Tournament - Sign Up - last post by Justin


A whole new galaxy of high scores! - Post your high score videos. See if other members can beat your score!

  • 124 topics
  • 67 replies
Pac-Man 4K - Atari 2600 - last post by Justin


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Trading Post

Member Items For Trade. Post your lists, trade extra carts, and hopefully, we can expand each others collections.

  • 27 topics
  • 1,103 replies
Games for Trade - last post by Starbuck66

For Sale

Member Items For Sale. Post your items, list your prices, share your etsy, Buy & Sell! Vendors are invited to post here.

  • 70 topics
  • 386 replies
NSG's Ye Olde Video Gam... - last post by nosweargamer

Member Stores

Shop local! Atari I/O Member Stores are a way to set up shop in our community. Just like a farmers market, it's a great way to barter, find what you need and get to know your community.

  • 10 topics
  • 0 replies
RickR's Good Junk Shop - last post by RickR

eBay Auctions

Items in Auction Listings. Post interesting auctions here, or promote your own!

  • 52 topics
  • 378 replies
"Full" Atari Video... - last post by Arenafoot


Items You Want. Post your want list with the items you're looking for, it could lead to a trade!

  • 35 topics
  • 353 replies
NSG Wish List - last post by RickR

Price Check!

Have something retro and want to determine its rarity or worth? Ask the community!

  • 28 topics
  • 958 replies
Thrift Store Finds - last post by RickR

Member Feedback

Post feedback about other Atari I/O Members here. If you’ve bought, sold or traded with other members, this is a way to share your experiences, good and bad. Please read the sticky at the top of this forum before posting!

  • 24 topics
  • 79 replies
RickR - last post by Atari Creep


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House Rules

Atari I/O Community Guidelines

  • 1 topics
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House Rules - last post by Justin

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Recent Status Updates

  • Photo
      08 Dec

    Oh boy. I just bought my first DVD copy of the original Miracle on 34th Street (I only have the remake on DVD, though I have seen and prefer the original), and I get back to my college dorm and put it in my computer to discover that it's been colorized (very badly too). Good thing I know how to fan edit films, so I can just turn the color off with Windows Movie Maker.

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  • Photo
      22 Nov
    The Professor

    ATARI DAY isn't until Sunday... Maybe celebrate Atari Day with family and friends on Thanksgiving this year. Fire up the 2600 for a round of Warlords. Just a thought.

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  • Photo
      04 Nov

    Playing World Tour Racing for Jaguar CD this morning. While it is generally better than Checkered Flag, I can't help but think it would have worked better as a 2D super scaler.

  • Photo
      01 Nov
    Clint Thompson

    Am I the only one sick and tired of the Flashback consoles? Now we're on 8 GOLD with HD out and it's just more Atari 2600? Ridiculous.

  • Photo
      23 Oct

    What's this? Not one, but TWO Lynx reviews in the works!?!?!? Stay Tuned!!!

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  • Photo
      30 Sep

    Going to dive into "Super Scribblenauts" on DS today. Recovering from surgery on the couch.

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